This is why they use the term Lovecraftian

Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories

H.P. Lovecraft

Pages: 420


“They came from the stars, and they brought their images with them.”


Alright so the book is called Call of Cthulhu and other weird stories but I’m just going to be focusing on the Call of Cthulhu to make things easy, plus come one, its obviously the most important one. Alright what can I say, the guy is famous for a reason. I really enjoyed his way of writing but of course I’m biased because he reminded me of my own style. Which is strange cause I’ve never read any of his work or Stephen king who apparently writes a lot like him. My friend told me this first and I noticed after so I’m not just sucking my own dick here!

The story is real weird, which is great, you might wanna have a dictionary ready while reading this, he uses some pretty crazy words I’ve never heard before. His description of things is very interesting, he can be somewhat vague but at the same time gives you enough detail to be like… what the fuck? He’s good at getting your imagination going and uses analogies and words and just his way of writing is very unique. I personally think the story is great, insane beings from other worlds, things that defy the laws of science, the Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred? If you like creative crazy shit than you’ll enjoy this book too. This is just one of many stories mind you. The entire book is filled with original and unique ideas. The way he links all these stories and his writings together is pretty impressive as well. There’s several references to the Necronomicon and other events that have happened between all his creations. If you wanna know why this guy inspired Stephen King just read this book. I feel these stories would also help spark some creativity and difference to peoples work… or make you go crazy.


Word Count: 331




2 thoughts on “This is why they use the term Lovecraftian

  1. I’m glad you connected so well with Lovecraft’s work. I may not share the same interest, nor have I read anything by Lovecraft, but I can definitely relate to the feeling of seeing your interest and creative qualities reflected in somebody else’s material. And if you haven’t read any Stephen King yet I would really encourage you to do so since you seem to like the genre so much.


  2. From just the title of the book I was pretty interested. After reading your blog I am definitely going to try and read it. I like Stephen king books so I feel that with the parallels drawn between the two authors I should enjoy his style of writing plus its about Cthulhu and you cannot go wrong with that.


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