The Blade Itself

The blade itslef

By Joe Abercrombie

500 pages read so far

“Every man has his excuses, and the more vile the man becomes, the more touching the story has to be. What is my story now, I wonder?”

So this book is amazing so far. The character development is some of the best. The author is really good at varying philosophy and you can really understand where these people are coming from. With the tortured becoming a torturer, or the snobby spoiled brat becoming a kind-hearted man. All the characters train of thought is extremely interesting and very well done. This book is no where near filled with generic backstories and bullshit perspective. The characters, their way of thinking, and I mean he’s just so good at executing them as well. The things they say and do so vividly paints these individuals.

The story itself has been great so far. The author is excellent at building suspense and has you legitimately caring for these characters. The book is part of a trilogy which I’m definitely going to finish. It’s filled with war and loss and just skewed minds from the shitty world and experiences they’ve gone through. I don’t want to give any of the story away but the exceptionally strong characters and the multiple conflicts aligning to reveal more depth into what’s going on really works together.

The book is also very grounded. It doesn’t shy away from using colorful language and vivid imagery to show you exactly how people are thinking or what traumatizing experiences they’ve gone through. All this creates a feeling of genuineness and realism. Even when the characters are putting on an act, it’s obvious to you as a reader that they secretly detest the man who’s ring they’re kissing.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who can stomach it. I feel personally that it isn’t too visceral, but some people can’t even take curse words so If you’ve got a weak stomach for things of that nature maybe this book should be avoided. I would still say disagree with that statement though. This book is definitely an experience you should go through and it can only help improve your writing and for a certainty your character building.

Word Count: 378



One thought on “The Blade Itself

  1. I hadn’t heard of The Blade Itself prior to reading this review but it seems very interesting. I enjoyed reading how you found the character building to be so great. It seems that the on average readers might focus more on aspects such as plot and readability so its nice to see books where other things stick out. Good job!


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